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Littman has established itself as the best stethoscope company year in and year out.  The traditional Littmann Cardiology III has been the standard scope for countless nurses, physicians, RT and students.  Now the up and coming Littman Cardiology IV is taking the place as the most common.

Littman Cardiology IV

Littman Cardiology IV has a strong following with new features including a most important improved tubing design. The new tubing is reportedly more durable and will withstand repeated cleanings with less damage. Reviews have show the acoustics to be better than the Cardiology III and at least as good as the Master Cardiology stethoscope.

Littman Cardiology III

Littman Cardiology III stethoscope was the standard for quite sometime but is now losing ground. Still a solid stethoscope used by countless providers the Cardiology III features a dual chest piece for both adult and pediatric patients. Similar to other Littman stethoscopes the diaphragms can give high or low frequency based on the pressure applied.

Littman Classic III

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is more than adequate for most users, both professionals and learners.  The bonus to this model is a much lower price point but still retaining the quality of the Littman brand.

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